emonTH with a custom 433MHz protocol

I’ve been looking into the emonTH as an outdoor temperature sensor solution. I mean to put it in a waterproof enclosure of some sort to hopefully last forever. It’d be my first time with any sort of emon or OEM hardware or software. I’m already running OpenMQTTGateway that decodes most common 433MHz protocols. I’d assume the emonTH uses a proprietary protocol to communicate its readings.

Has anyone modified the firmware to send the 433MHz messages with a different protocol? Like the Nexus protocol used by cheap weather station sensors, one that OMG can read. I’m sure it’s possible since it’s open source but I don’t know if there are any hardware consequences for this relating to battery management.

It looks like the open mqtt gateway might support low power labs, see the post here from earlier today LowPowqerLabs RF69 Library V Jeelabs Library

What a coincidence, that’s lucky. I’m actually unfamiliar with RFM69 but do know it works with OMG. I don’t know if OMG supports simultaneous RFM69 along with RTL_433 or Pilight, though; ideally, I’d get emonTH to spoof an existing RTL_433 or Pilight protocol so I wouldn’t have to add a third module. But anything’s a goal.

Now not so patiently waiting for an emonTH to be in stock so I can actually try both these paths…