EmonTH Stopped Working

Hi, I’ve got an EmonTH that seems to have stopped working - so far as I can tell “spontaneously”. It was working fine, then one day, no data. Batteries were dead (bought & started with fresh batteries in Dec 2015). Replaced those, the red LED comes on & stays on (which could explain the dead batteries). Tried with the DHT22 removed, tried with an external DS1820; no difference. Tried reprogramming with the OEM “USB to Serial UART” programmer; get a timeout uploading the sketch.
Any other thoughts on how to revive it?
Thanks, Sandy

Oh dear, very sorry to hear. It’s strange for a unit to stop working that was previously working fine. Please email shop support and we will sort you out with a replacement:

[email protected]

Please send the unit back to us, maybe we can revive it!