EmonTH 1.5 custom assembly

I can’t find some information that I need to finish EmonTH custom assembly from scratch. Can you help me?

  1. What kind of oscillator is used? Internal like RFM69Pi_V3 (external is just a fake), external 8Mz, external 16 Mz. If 16Mz is it not too high for battery power node?
  2. What kind of boot-loader is used?
  3. What kind of fuses configuration is used?
  4. What command is used to flash boot-loader?
  5. What kind of processor configuration is used for ArduionoIDE to program EmonTH

I expected to find something similar to sections “Flashing the Bootloader” and “Modified OptiBoot Bootloader”
from RFM69Pi V3 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki
but I couldn’t find it.

External 16Mhz is used on the emonTH design

Standard Arduino Uno optiboot

Standard uno fuses.

Either compile .ino using Arduino IDE or PlatformIO or upload precompiled using avrdude:

$ avrdude -v -c arduino -p ATMEGA328P -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 -U flash:firmware.hex

Standard Arduino Uno

The RFM69Pi is very different from the emonTH, it uses internal 8Mhz.

Good Luck! :slight_smile: