EmonSD in ova format


This topic is to request a thing that I almost consider basic to have: an official ova installation of EmonCMS server, that is being updated at the same time than EmonSD. I mean offer the two alternatives.

Currently I have a Intel Nuc running ESXi, and the cost of providing a vm is much less than a RBP.

On the other side i’m using EmonCMS as central server for publishing feeds of third party products like, OWL Intuition, smart sockets like Wemo, solar inverter… and much more, so if I would use a raspberry it would be without hat, only being a server. And the resilence and power that provides a vm is much more than Raspberry PI.

I know that exist a guide to install EmonCMS on debian, and this is what I have right now, but is not the same as the official stream, because the guide only covers the main components and modules are not there, are spread over there. And I don’t have balls to update it manually, component by component, meanwhile EmonSD is doing all this things automatically.

So please!!! an EmonSD ova installation.

Thanks in advance.