emonSD-13Jun18 Image (Beta test)

I’ve installed this on an RPi 3 PLUS.
It runs OK when temporarily connected to Ethernet.
When I go to WiFi Config, I see available wireless networks.
I select one, then Save & Connect and Refresh.
It fails to connect - this is the log report …

Jul 14 01:12:17 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[734]: nl80211: deinit ifname=wlan0 disabled_11b_rates=0
Jul 14 01:12:17 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[734]: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING
Jul 14 01:12:19 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[4958]: Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
Jul 14 01:12:19 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[4958]: Failed to create interface p2p-dev-wlan0: -16 (Device or resource busy)
Jul 14 01:12:19 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[4958]: nl80211: Failed to create a P2P Device interface p2p-dev-wlan0
Jul 14 01:12:19 emonpi-node-13 wpa_supplicant[4958]: P2P: Failed to enable P2P Device interface

ifconfig reports that wlan0 is UP, BROADCAST, MULTICAST

iwconfig reports wlan0 as ESSID: off/any and Access Point: not associated

Do I need an Access Point given I’m setting things up with a temporary Ethernet connection?

Should I revert to the emonSD-26Oct17 image? It’s stated that this is not compatible with the RPi 3 PLUS. However I have 2 other instances of RPi 3 PLUS successfully running the 26Oct17 image albeit they have been updated to low-write 9.8.30 | 2018.05.08.

All a bit confusing - do you have any suggestions/recommendations?


Hi John,

Sounds like this might be of some help:

Bill …
Thanks for your response.
Since my initial post, I’ve reburned the image and started over.
This time, on initial setup whilst connected to ethernet, I selected the third option - Connect to WiFi network - rather than the first option (Continue on ethernet).
Try as I might, I still could not connect to my wireless network.
It was late so I went to bed but next morning discovered that it had connected to my wireless network.
I can’t explain why.
I did notice several refs in the Network log referring to a failed 4 way handshake related to the Wireless AP. Clearly I cannot/do not want to recreate the problem and so cannot be more specific
John Banks

That is wierd.

Sounds like we need an assist from @glyn.hudson

I believe @glyn.hudson is aware of wifi issues with the Pi 3B+ and the latest emonSD

Thanks PB.

I’ve not kept up to speed on emonCMS since I stopped running it. (a bit over 2 years ago)

The emonSD-13June18 image is currently is beta with the following note on the download page:

"This image is currently in Beta, there are some known WiFi AP stability issues which affect the WiFi setup wizard. If connecting via Ethernet to setup WiFi or using only Ethernet all functions seem to be working fine YMMV. Please report any bugs to the forum"

The stable emonSD-26Oct17 image does not contain the FW for the RasPi 3B+, it should fail to boot when used with a RasPi3B+.

We’re currently working on resolving the Wifi issues for RasPi3B+. Very sorry for the hassle, please bear with us.