EmonScript installation scripts update and testing v1.5.2

I’ve made a couple of updates to the EmonScripts install process and tested on latest RaspberryPi OS Desktop edition and a DigitalOcean VPS running Ubuntu 20.10 x64. Both now complete ok.

I’ve created an issue in the EmonScripts repository detailing both tests:

The installation procedure has been updated to use php8.1 and compile and install the php redis and php mosquitto extensions correctly for php8.1. There’s also a new optional break point after the OS update and upgrade steps to allow a system reboot (recommended).

The latest RaspberryPi OS requires a slightly different initial setup process to run the right partition resize script. This step needs further review as I had to disable the new RaspberryPi OS firstboot script and that includes some steps that may still be a good idea to run.

Have you removed the install of Python modules using sudo pip. If not, please do. It will get rid of a lot of warnings!