Emonpi with RF Module interfacing

Am Trying to interface my Emonpi circuit with RF module. On the transmitter side am using RFM12B connected with Arduino nano board and on the Receiver side am using RFM69HCW with Arduino nano.
I tested my circuit without RFM modules and it’s working properly but when i connected RFM modules on TX and RX side am not getting any results in receiver side.How can i test my RFM modules? Please suggest me.

As it stands, your question is like “How long is a piece of string?”

Explain what you are trying to do. What is “Emonpi circuit with RF module”? Where does the emonPi come into this, if you are using an Arduino to transmit and another Arduino to receive? What is your circuit? Are you really using the emonTx Shield? What sketches are you using at each end?

The only way to know where the problem is, is with a third unit that you know is working, which can either transmit, or receive, or both. Then you can prove that either the transmitter is transmitting correctly, or the receiver is receiving correctly, then use the one that works to test the other.

Sir actually we made our circuit according to EmonP_V1.5_sch_white. But we are using Arduino Nano board in place of ATMEGA328P and rest of the circuit is almost same and this is our Receiver circuit(EmonRX).We made another circuit using RFM12B(which is RF transmitter) and arduino nano Board which is working as our EmonTX circuit. We uploaded the firmwares in nano board as provided by you.But It is not working. please guide us regarding this.

During our initial testing we have not used RFM modules and i made some changes into the code.(we put the RF part of code into comment section) and without RFM modules the circuit is working properly and we used one CT sensor onto the ADC1 of Arduino Nano (Receiver circuit ) directly and it is giving the satisfactory results.

The emonTx can, but does not, receive information. The emonTx sketch is not designed to receive messages. You must start with either the sketch from the emonPi, or the sketch form the emonGLCD, and modify it according to your needs.

I cannot help you any more because you have added very little to the information in your first post, and not answered my questions in enough detail.