emonPi Shield KIT LCD

I’m looking to buy the Shield Kit as I have a spare Pi as well as various power supplies, CT sensors etc, plus I like to tinker. I was wondering if anyone can suggest an LCD/Button to go with it? Also, is the shield itself wifi or does that requre somethng else?

The Wi-Fi part is in your RPi - if it’s a fairly recent one, otherwise we used to use a USB WiFi Dongle with the Model B - I think it was Edimax.
The Shield is the “emon” front end, exactly as it attaches to the RPi in the emonPi, so it has everything that the emonPi has - except as you note the button and the LCD.

The LCD and button are included as part of the case kit: emonPi Enclosure Kit - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

If you want to use your own case, an old (August 2017) BOM gives the LCD as “HD44780LCD-1602”. I don’t think it’s changed.
The button is any push-to-make but it must not be too deep to fit in the case.

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