emonPi self build

I am in the process of building my own emonPi.

But I was confused what hardware is needed exactly?

I saw many stuff here, and its confusing to start directly, So I need some help!

What hardware is exactly needed? do I need to make my own PCBs?

Yes, and you need to source all the components. All the information you need is open-source and is published here.

Could you please tell me witch PCBs exactly needs to be made?

witch version?

please point out


If you want an exact copy of our emonPi, then both the “emon” with the ATMega 328P and the LCD.

Thanks RObert,

But I am noob, and still don’t know witch PCBs to manufacture

It’s possible to purchase emonPi assembled PCB only from the shop:

Or if you want to manufacture yourself here is the hardware repository: