emonPi performance getting worse


My emonPi has been getting harder to reach and slower to respond via the home wifi network. Today I can’t get into it at all via wifi. I’ve tried rebooting.
Edit: I just got in, the login page came up quickly but it took about 30 seconds to return login to the feeds page.

The SD card must be 4 years old now. Could it be this?

We have Netgear Orbi wifi which is 2 routers, a Main and Satellite unit which both have the same SSID and password. The emonPi is connected to the main via 2.4ghz at 35-40%. The satellite is much closer, not sure why it’s going through 4 walls to get to the main when it only has to go through 2 (or around the corner :slight_smile: ) to the satellite.

We have recently added 4 wifi light bulbs so there are now 36 devices connected to the routers but everything else seems okay. Oh, and the “Christmas Tree” TPLink plug started it’s annual outing at the weekend :joy:

There are 2x emonTx (total 5 CTs and 2 DS1820Bs) and 4x emonTh (3 with DS1820B) connected to the emonPi (2 CTs and 6 DS1820Bs). There are therefore quite a lot of inputs and feeds; could it be this?
Edit: there are 60 feeds, about half are temperature/humidity/rssi at 1-2 minutes, the rest are power at 10s.


I have coerced it into connecting to the closer Wi-Fi satellite and fingers crossed, it seems much better.

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I get some strange network related issues sometimes, something to do with the router, either a router reboot or strangely access via dataplicity remote access seems to work even when local access is slow…

Thanks; I’ll give that a try if it happens again.