emonPi - no Wifi networks visible after scan


I have an emonPi which was working fine with a wired network connection, but now I need to move it on to the Wifi. When I hit ‘Scan’ it briefly displays ‘Scanning for networks…’ but disappears after a couple of seconds and no networks appear. The emonPi is very close to an access point and I successfully used the Wifi when I first got it. I believe it’s running the latest version of emoncms.

Check to see if wifi is disabled in /boot/config.txt

If you have either/all:

Comment them out and reboot.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately neither of those two lines are present in config.txt.

It doesn’t look like the Wifi adapter is being detected by the system:


Ahh, shame that wasn’t the case.
I have the same problem on a rasberry pi 3 myself, I think the built in wifi was somehow damaged.
The only solution I found was to use a usb wifi dongle, not a perfect solution but at least they are pretty cheap and works well.



Can you provide some more details on your setup? When was the emonPi purchased? All emonPis should have onboard WiFi, external WiFi adaptors should not be required.

It is this one: EmonPi Kit so not sure of the original purchase date.

I can’t check what version it’s running as I’m away but I’ve updated it within the last few months. I had thought that I’d used the Wifi when I first got the unit but I’m now wondering if perhaps I never have.