Emonpi.local access not available until reboot. Happened after install emonTH V2 (?)

My emonPi has been running fine and allowing local access either via its IP address or emonpi.local.

Yesterday I added a emonTH V2 temp node and all worked well initially.

Later last night local access suddenly was not available, although it is sending data ok to emoncms.org.

I rebooted the emonPi and it has been on for just under 1 day, and now I cannot access locally again, but emoncms.org works.

Any ideas of what to try? Does it just seem a co-incidence that it is after setting up a new emonTH?

I installed a fresh image of the software about a week ago using a spare 16GB microSD card. Does anyone think it could be a faulty microsSD card? - maybe buy a brand new one?

UI and SSH?

So emonhub was still running.

Have you looked at the emoncms logs?

UI (I am a novice here!)

Yes - the system must have still been running to supply data to emoncms.org

I don’t know what to look for in the logs. Any help / hints appreciated. I can post here if you let me know what details to post. (again, I am a novice! - sorry).

Nothing to be sorry about - we all were once (just some quite a bit of time ago :laughing:)

Start with this - but just go to the ‘I’m connected’ part. Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Once connected we can take it from there.

I can now ssh into the emonPi

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Is the UI responsive?

Yes. ssh active and new UI window works fine too (at the moment!!)

Ok, so wait until the UI stops. If the SSH is still OK that helps to narrow down the issue.

Meantime edit the settings.ini file.

nano /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini

and set the log level = 1 (INFO will give you what you need I hope).

CTL-X to exit the nano editor.

When posting code or bash output, please put in 3 ‘backticks’ (found at the top left of the keyboard normally) on a line on their own, then the code, then 3 more backticks on a line following the code.


If it is something like php you can add a language identifier that after the first 3 backticks so ````php`

Done and all noted. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but I will post if it does.

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UI has stopped this morning (was ok last night)

Unable to ssh into the pi…

The emoncms.org server data is updating fine. Shows realtime usage etc…

I checked again after lunch and both the UI and ssh working again. So it seems intermittent and self healing.

Please can you advise which specific log to post

I suspect a local network problem then. Is it on WiFi?

When it stops working, can you ‘ping’ the EmonPi?

To do that open a command window (type command in to the Windows search box - bottom left of screen) and type ping IP_ADDRESS where the IP Address is the address of the emonpi.

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I will check this when it happens again.

WiFi is usually about 44% signal strength.

But… if it is WiFi problem how does it still update to the emoncms.org server?

I have connected to a new WiFi network and router which is closer than our UniFi mesh.

The Pi is appears to be working fine on the new WiFi network, but on the Setup, WiFi page it shows

Status: Disconnected

What does this mean and how can I rectify. I took a screen shot before the change, and it did say Status:Connected.

cmd works too.

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The pi appears to work ok now on the new stronger WiFi network, except for the disconnected message - see screenshot. Can anyone help with this message please? How to fix?