Emonpi inputs not appearing in emoncms.org

I’m using some sonoff units flashed with Tasmota to post temperatures via Mqtt to a local emonpi, I’ve used rules within tasmota to send the data in the correct format “emon/32/temp1” so it shows up as a node in the emonpi inputs, I want these inputs to upload to Emoncms.org , the emonhub config has the correct emoncms.org read/write api. I think emonhub log shows a connecton to emoncms but that’s as far as it goes, no data is sent. I’m using EmonSD 24july2020, emonpi is connected by ethernet cable my Lan.

2020-12-04 11:23:00,087 DEBUG MainThread Signal 15 received.
2020-12-04 11:23:00,141 INFO MainThread Exiting hub…
2020-12-04 11:23:00,302 INFO MainThread Exit completed
2020-12-04 11:23:01,820 INFO MainThread EmonHub emonHub (emon-pi variant) v2.1.5
2020-12-04 11:23:01,821 INFO MainThread Opening hub…
2020-12-04 11:23:01,821 INFO MainThread Logging level set to DEBUG
2020-12-04 11:23:01,822 INFO MainThread Creating EmonHubJeeInterfacer ‘RFM2Pi’
2020-12-04 11:23:01,823 DEBUG MainThread Opening serial port: /dev/ttyAMA0 @ 38400 bits/s
2020-12-04 11:23:03,826 WARNING MainThread Device communication error - check settings
2020-12-04 11:23:03,827 INFO MainThread Setting RFM2Pi baseid: 5 (5i)
2020-12-04 11:23:04,829 INFO MainThread Setting RFM2Pi frequency: 433 (4b)
2020-12-04 11:23:05,831 INFO MainThread Setting RFM2Pi group: 210 (210g)
2020-12-04 11:23:06,834 INFO MainThread Setting RFM2Pi quiet: 1 (1q)
2020-12-04 11:23:07,836 INFO MainThread Setting RFM2Pi calibration: 230V (1p)
2020-12-04 11:23:08,838 DEBUG MainThread Setting RFM2Pi pubchannels: [‘ToEmonCMS’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,839 DEBUG MainThread Setting RFM2Pi subchannels: [‘ToRFM12’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,841 INFO MainThread Creating EmonHubMqttInterfacer ‘MQTT’
2020-12-04 11:23:08,844 DEBUG MainThread Setting MQTT pubchannels: [‘ToRFM12’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,845 DEBUG MainThread Setting MQTT subchannels: [‘ToEmonCMS’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,846 INFO MainThread Setting MQTT node_format_enable: 1
2020-12-04 11:23:08,846 INFO MainThread Setting MQTT nodevar_format_enable: 1
2020-12-04 11:23:08,847 INFO MainThread Setting MQTT nodevar_format_basetopic: emon/
2020-12-04 11:23:08,849 INFO MainThread Creating EmonHubEmoncmsHTTPInterfacer ‘emoncmsorg’
2020-12-04 11:23:08,851 DEBUG MainThread Setting emoncmsorg pubchannels: [‘ToRFM12’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,851 DEBUG MainThread Setting emoncmsorg subchannels: [‘ToEmonCMS’]
2020-12-04 11:23:08,852 INFO MainThread Setting emoncmsorg apikey: set
2020-12-04 11:23:08,852 INFO MainThread Setting emoncmsorg url: https://emoncms.org
2020-12-04 11:23:08,853 INFO MainThread Setting emoncmsorg senddata: 1
2020-12-04 11:23:08,854 INFO MainThread Setting emoncmsorg sendstatus: 1

Welcome Paul.

By publishing direct to the topic tree emoncms subscribes to you have bypassed emonhub so it cannot pass that data on to other instances. If you publish it to a topic that emonhub can subscrib to, then it can forward to emoncms.org via http as well. Beware that this isn’t an as well trodden path so I can’t promise there won’t be any trip hazards on that path.

I have got round the problem by processing the output from the Tasmota sensors with node red before passing it to emonhub. Is there an mqtt message structure that posts to emonhub direct, I would really like to avoid using node red as Im trying to develop sensor nodes that can be plug and play buy a non tech person into an existing remote emonpi setup. Im using Dataplicity and can get access to emoncms on port 80 to setup the node once installed but can’t access node red on 1880