emonPi inputs do not appear on emoncms.org

I have edited the emonHub settings and included the R/W API key from my online emoncms account. The sendstatus and the senddata are both enabled by 1. The send interval is 30s. Unfortunately, I do not see the inputs from my emonPi on my emoncms input section? Any recommendations?

Hello @Lui do you see the inputs ok on the emonPi itself? What do you see in the emonHub log?

Setup > EmonHub > View log?

I do not quite get what you mean by inputs ok…

emonhub.txt (6.4 KB)
This is the log file from emonhub

This is the setting of my emonhub.

Here is the Inputs page:

Do they appear there?

I notice in the log the line:

2020-01-27 09:16:57,968 WARNING  MainThread Device communication error - check settings

It looks like the issue is between the emonPi measurement board and the raspberrypi in your emonPi.

Is this a new standard emonPi ordered from our shop?

The emonPi inputs should look like this when its working (latest version of the software):

I believe it is. This is my emonpi image.

And the inputs are there as depicted in this image.

I think the two are in order. Unless there is an unnoticeable anomaly.
And how can we correct the measurement problem?

This particular one was loaded onto the pi using the EmonSD.
Any problem with that?

Aha, the IotaWatt is likely bypassing emonhub (which forwards data on to emoncms.org) all together, did you configure it with HTTP or MQTT?

Do you have any other nodes? E.g EmonTH or EmonTx that you are expecting to see but are not showing?

No. I did not configure the MQTT. However, the Iota is set such that it logs on the EmonPi. How is this done? How do you configure it not to bypass? And yeah, there are several nodes as indicated on the config files that I cannot see. These include the emontx and emonth ones. Is this what you are referring to?

We configured it using http://IPaddress/emoncms

Anything that I should change?

Just for clarity, should I edit this section of the emonhub?

@TrystanLea and @Robert.Wall, Any suggestions?

Hello @Lui

Could you configure the Iotawatt to connect to the EmonPi via MQTT and also enable the HTTP configuration to post to emoncms.org?

Alternatively have you considered remote access to your EmonPi directly with dataplicity:
Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor
It saves having to configure everything twice and you get full access to all your EmonPi features.

What hardware to you have in total, is it just the EmonPi and Iotawatt?

how do you configure EmonPi via MQTT? I have the emonPi and the IoTaWatt alone.

Ah maybe I was mistaken, It seems that Iotawatt does not support connecting to emoncms via MQTT. This means you can either choose to send data to the EmonPi or emoncms.org but not both unfortunately.

Thank you @TrystanLea. I was trying the same following this discussion here. Publishing custom input from emonpi to emoncms.org - #6 by bengtec
What do you think?

As is possible for me to share with you a link to my dashboard on emoncms which will grant you access to my public profiles, Is it possible to share with you a link obtained from dataplicity that would can give you similar access?

Yes you can do this. You can create what dataplicity call a wormhole which provides access to your EmonPi web interface.