Emonpi help needed with demand shaper and evse

Can any one help with this
I have emonpi running on local rassbeypi 4
I have been using the demand shaper for a while with good results .
I have just lately upgrade the software on the evse to The later beta software for better solar control

I have used the default name of the evse
Which is now openevse-9748

Problem is the previous names of openevse-1
And openevse-Bill
Still keep appearing in my inputs list .
I have selected them many times .
Now these were used by the demand shaper before
But have been removed from it

How do I track where these inputs are being generated
Is it possible to compleat remove the demand shaper and data. Then reload it ?
As I feel that these are something that may not have been removed from it. But are not showing in the webpage for it .

Hello @Bill_Burgess did you restart the demandshaper process after switching to the beta modular_forecasts branch?

sudo systemctl restart demandshaper

Hi just found this mail in my junk folder . I will try that tonight when I get home and see if it will clear out the erroneous inputs I seem to be getting.
I did try shutting down the pi from the admin page so don’t know if that will do the same

Regards. Bill

Hi @Trystanlea
I am running just your normal demand shaper .
It is the beta version for the evse gateway with hardwire Ethernet interface that I am running .

I keep getting two inputs that I no longer use these were the identification for the two evse chargers that I use .
Even though I deleat them they keep coming back so the only thing that I can think of is something in the DS
Is still sending infomation out
I also see the following error in the log can you shed any light on what it means I how I fix it many thanks bill


Regards. Bill