EmonPi hangs with "raspberry pi booting"

I’ve just downloaded the 7 Nov 2016 image and flashed it onto a new (32Gb) card and the emonPi again gets no further than “Raspberry Pi Booting…” - I don’t even see anything on an attached screen.

Found the instructions at the bottom of this page:

Have instead gone back to the 3 May 2016 release, which appears to work. So maybe the Nov 2016 image is corrupted? Or just doesn’t like the Pi 2?


I was correct in thinking I had screwed up my new 16GB SD card as when I put it into the Emonpi it hung on "RaspberryPI rebooting. So I removed it and re-flashed it and all started up fine. I let it run through updates. I am now able to create feeds etc.

As far as I am concerned everything seems to be working. as it should be. So your suggestions about lack of space on my old 4GB card were correct. Also it seems clear that something I did on the first attempt with the 16GB card managed to cause it to re-create the original “hanging on Raspberry Pi booting” message, but I can’t tell you quite what. I assume that re-flashing the card would remove any logs that would show the cause. Now everything is working I am not bothered about the cause but if my system holds anything that may help other avoid or resolve it I am happy to provide it.


Andy - my issue /question is solved. Thanks for all the help.

As far as I’m aware the image is ok, did you check the checksum after downloading? perhaps corrupted in transit?

The image does try to update at firstboot and that can take a while to finish. During that time it can be unclear something is happening, especially if the display isn’t functioning correctly.

I would recommend downloading again (if needed) confirm the checksum is good and install to your SD card. When you put it in the emonPi, ensure it has a good Ethernet connection, power it up and leave it for a while, half hour or so at least so you know everything will have run it’s course. Then and only then try rebooting, after the firmware has been updated and updates applied.