Emonpi - Graphs dont Work

my emonpi again get stuck with the data
my electric app show me negative use consumption , on feeds graph i think its showing wrong format , i think the feed data and config its ok
this emonpi was working well in the last 3 weeks ,

In the My Electric app click on the Spanner / Wrench in the upper right corner. Is the 2nd item of use_kWh set to your feed use_kwh? Or is it set to something else?

Based on your graph you are using next to no energy over that one week period in July. What about this past week or two?

yes its configured with use_kwh

the emonpi was conected to neutral cable with CT sensor that days , i dont know why just stop collecting data

There looks like there could be an error with the unit processing on the power consumption.

Could you post a screen grab showing your power value input processing setup?

Also Vrms seems to have been logged twice to two separate feeds.

this is my config

All looks good from the screenshot. However I’m still trying to workout why you have two VRMS feeds? and neither of the VRMS feed values shown in your first screenshot match the VRMS value shown on the input list (196.6V)

Could Power 1 have been mistakenly logged to feed ID 5 (the second VRMS feed)? The value 2XX matches the Power 1 value shown on the input list.

Could you post a screenshot showing the power 1 and VRMS input processing config (click the little spanner).?

here are the img

That all looks correct

ok but still dont work well on graphs and my app

only create one bar with all data on it in this case 7 , and change the day to M but dont show the other bars , and Power Watts dont show correctly too
i ready play with zoom , M D Y , config again the app with auto select and manual

i still had the issue about graphs
i reinstalled tow times the may image
changed the SD Card
waiting two weeks and nothing change
now appear another message on mozilla

on chrome this issue dont appear but graph show the same

some one would really help with this ???

Is is possible to give me remote SSH & HTTP access to emonPi? I can’t work out what’s wrong from the screenshots. However, something is definitely not right.

thanks PM sended whit logins