emonPi Energy Monitor stuck saying "raspberry pi booting"

I have the emonPi Energy Monitor and it now stuck saying “raspberry pi booting” before it restarts and says the samething again, anyone else had this issue?

Hello @Cjetsy can you access the emonPi web interface?

just looking at the instructions and I cant see it connected to my wifi and its not broadcasting an ssid

Nope no luck :frowning_face:

Ok thanks, is there any chance that you could try connecting it via Ethernet to see if it appears on your network? Is it showing at all on the device list on your router? I use an app called Network Analyser on android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.techet.netanalyzerlite.an&hl=en_GB&gl=US) to find devices as the router device list isnt always reliable…

Thanks for helping me with this TrystanLea, I connected it up via ethernet and not able find what ip its using even with a ip scan, I can see from my unifi controller that it must be doing something as its pulled down 600MB over 15mins.

but on the screen, it just says “raspberry pi booting …”, can you suggest anything else?

Is there a memory card inside that I can reflash or something?

All Sorted, Managed to take it apart and connected to it via hdmi and could see that it was checking the image, it just kept getting stuck at 95% which provented it from booting. so I downloaded a new image again and reflashed the memory card and it’s now working. lost all the data but as least its now working :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it sorted @Cjetsy sounds like the SD card got corrupted. You can transfer to a new image without losing old data by using a second SD card and then importing the data from the old to the new using an external SD card reader Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor (assuming the card is not completely gone).

When did you buy your emonPi? At the end of last year (~ Sep 2021) we switched to new industrial grade SD cards to try and improve SD card longevity, it would be useful to know how long yours has lasted and if its one of the new SD cards or the older non industrial ones?