EmonPi don't boot up


today I updated my emonpi ( base and I don’t remember what the second update in admin. module)
And after that I pressed reboot as well - ( all updates was done already)

but now display shows “Raspberry Pi Booting…” and that’s all ?
what I can to or how I can start my system up again ?
IP don’t answer

OK now I open the box and plug the HDMI
system started up and starting quite a lot services, last what is came up is … ok I adding picture of it:
link is here: Dropbox - IMG_0433.jpg - Simplify your life

in log quite lot errors ;( right now I downloading SD image and writing to SD card - let’s see after that is booting up or not ;/ -
Then Can I find my noded and dashboard configs or I must do it form beginning ?

Yes new SD card works :wink:

But question is can I get my some config from old card or I must start over ?

what The F…??? after that I made some config ( put some new feeds to blank system-- and then I pressed the shutdown from Setup-Admin panel to put emonpi back to one piece. And after that the system boots up to the same place as with old card !!

Sorry to hear your having trouble.

Please could you attached you update logfile. You can download it from Admin section and if possible your emonhub.log and emoncms.log

All services look ok

You can use the Emoncms backup to export then import your data: Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Could there be a chance you dislodged the SD card during re-assembling the unit? It’s easily done. Are the lights on the Ethernet socket lighting up? The first part of the LCD sequence at boot is handled by the AVR microcontroller, if the LCD is hanging at ‘RasPi booting’ this means the raspberry Pi is not booting up correctly or there is a connection of power (lack of) issue.

Update: apologies, it looks like the issue was not your fault. It was due to a recent change to the emonPi that was made yesterday. It as now been reverted:

To fix the issue and make the raspberry pi boot you need to edit /home/pi/emonpi/fstab and remove the line:

tmpfs /var/lib/openhab2 tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=40M,mode=1777 0 0

Or alternatively you could just download a fresh SD card image, now when you run update it won’t break! Very sorry for the hassle.

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Hi Glyn!

right now I in that place - downloaded new soft and put to new SD card after that sytem boots up.
Wehn I do some changes ( right now I write the image to SD I don’t now 7.th time, after that I try without any change )
but after changes system don’t boots up again. Like in picture that I attached - that picture from HDMI connection - that meen the system going to some steps and then says "Welcome to emergency mode! after login you can see login or reboot or try again boot default. When use default mode and after command “systemctl default” the system hangup

and because the system don’t start up completely I can’t send any log files

When did you boot up the new SD card? I have just made the change to revert the error 20min ago. If you booted up the new image before then you will need to either make the manual change or re-flash the fresh image (Nov16 version)

thanks I read your ccommend that I need change fstab file - I would still get to work the old system, there was quite lot configs and feeds and graphics :wink:

but the fstab is read-only file and don’t save the changes - must read little how can I change this :wink:

The old system should begin to work again after the change to fstab. You can then use the backup feature to export your data and migrate all to the new image.



to put the system into RW mode

;( seems it won’t start up after I deleted that row.

  • the system still going to emergency mode!

It’s working fine for me after removing the line with openhab21 in ~/emonpi/fstab

Is the new image working ok now when you started from fresh? No manual modification should be needed

I don’t know very mush about linux and stuff but I change the fstab file in /etc/fstab, and after that the system boots UP :wink:
I done some changes more but I don’t remember - right now I downloading new image file and done backup – after that i do new SD card and then import my conf from backup And I hope the all works like before :slight_smile:

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