emonPi does not start up, but has a 'rebooting' problem


Recently I bought a set-up for electricity monitoring (emonPi, emonTx V3, 4 x 100A max clip-on current sensor CT).

When starting up the emonPi with one clip-on current sensor, the screen keeps saying ‘rebooting …’. I already tried several things:

  1. I attached the emonPi to a screen. I keep seeing the same screen reappearing. It seems to be stuck in a loop.
  2. I removed the Raspberry Pi and connected it to my computer. It was visible among my wifi networks and seemed to be working.
  3. I removed the sd card, downloaded two SD card images from the website (emonSD 13Jun18 and 26Oct17), installed them on a new SD cards and inserted them. Both did not solve the ‘rebooting’ problem.

Has anyone experience with this? I am very new to the Raspberry Pi and emonPi set-ups and have no idea how to solve this problem.

Kind regards,

How are you powering the emonPi?

I use the 5V DC input, with the usb-cable and adaptor that were included.

Hi @An-Heleen,

I’m very sorry about the problems you’ve been having. Please email us at the shop - [email protected] - quoting your order number. Alternatively, you can PM me.