EmonPi does not forward data from EmonTH

In several emonPi devices, which are installed in different locations, it has happened that it has stopped forwarding the information from the emonTH devices to the emonCMS server, however, the rest of the functions continue to work well. This occurs after operating for several weeks.
I have updated the EmonPI software to the latest version but it keeps crashing. I suspect it could be from the ATMega328 firmware but I can’t be sure. Has this happened to someone else?


Hello Oscar, is it just the emonTH data that has stopped, or is it the emonPi data as well? Is this to emoncms.org?

Hello Trystan
It is the emonTH data that has stopped. The emonPi energy data is arriving correctly.
No, they are not transmitting to emoncms.org but rather they are transmitting to an emonCMS that we have installed on the internet.