Emonpi DOA?

Hi all, I’m new here just received my new emonpi. Went to boot it up for the first time but no dice. According to the guides connecting the 5vdc USB cable and an Ethernet cable should boot up the Pi. However after two different psu and two different USB cable still no link light on Ethernet port after turning on. Is there something I’m missing here or is my unit DOA?


Is there any sign’s of life when powered up? eg the display.

Hopefully a dumb question but… Are you using the correct RJ45? there is one at each end and only the one at the same end as the 5v mini-USB power and 4x USB-A sockets is Ethernet, the other is for a temp sensor or pulse counter etc.

I can confirm I am using the correct RJ45 port for Ethernet and the mini USB for power. No signs of life. Sound like I may have a DOA. Should I open it up try and power up the Pi using mini USB on it?

What’s the process for replacement? As I’m in Australia I would like to avoide more shipping costs if possible.

Opening it up sounds like a good idea, things to check would be that the microSD card is seated properly and not dislodged in transit and see if there are any other signs of life with the cover off, there are some very small LEDs on the Pi that are not (easily) seen with the covers on.

Although the power socket on the Pi itself is a 5v MicroUSB not a MiniUSB like on the emonPi board that is connected to through the case.

Are you powering it via a OEM shop purchased power supply and lead or have you procured your own? Do you have another you can use to test in case it is the power supply or lead?

You would need to contact the shop about a replacement at [email protected] (just refer or link to this discussion) but I’m sure you will have no problems getting a replacement if that’s what’s needed.

Thanks for the suggestions. Everything seems seated and no signs of damage anywhere on the PCB’s. Ive been testing with some 1A power supplies and a 2A powered USB hub but none seem to get any response. I’ll send an email. Cheers.

Very sorry to hear, we will send you a replacement unit. I have just replied to your support ticket.