EmonPi dial/gauge widgets disappeared

I had not logged into to my emonpi for a number of months and then when I logged in last weekend I discovered it had crashed, so I rebooted it and did an emonpi update from admin page. After the update, all my dial and gauge widgets have disappeared from my dashboard. The ‘draw editor’ is no longer working either, its not possible to configure any existing dashboards, or create new ones. The only buttons on the tool bar are as per picture below. The device is a shop bought emonpi, no modifications have been made to default OS or code, Emoncms version is low-write-v8.5, with all updates applied as of 24 Sep 2016. The update log info indicated build is emonSD-17Jun2015.

What can I do to get my widgets back?


If somebody who knows more about this doesn’t come along, try searching the old forum. I seem to remember that some things became optional a while ago, and need to be downloaded separately. What you’re missing might be amongst them.

If memory serves, (and we’re on the same sheet of music) one of those items is the dashboard module.
Ref: IMPORTANT! - Modularisation of emoncms | Archived Forum and this [article] (emoncms/general.md at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub) on installing modules.

It’s not optional on a emonpi, it’s installed by default in the emonpi image, and is updated via emonpi’s update script. Also, the dashboard menu ribbon would not display, nor his existing dashboards if the dashboard module wasn’t installed.

Paddy, have you looked through the error log, are there any errors reported? what if you run update again?

Glyn is the emonpi expert, and will hopefully follow this up if you don’t get sorted before.


Hi Paul, have tried updating it a few times but it doest change what I’m
seeing. No errors reported in the update log, it seems to think everything
updated correctly. I might try backing it up and restoring onto a reflashed
sd card with the latest image…

is it the same problem i am having