Emonpi - auto updating

I noticed (after apps stopped working) that my emonpi emoncms is auto-updating
i could not find an option to disable this? is it possible to disable it?

Hello @promy we made a recent change that should have fixed this. When the update at boot happens it should create a file on the boot partition called firstbootupdate and that should stop it from updating again. Is that file present on your system?

in the /boot there is no such file present. Now that you mention it, update happened at every reboot.
Can i make this file myself?

edit: i found such a file in 2 locations:

it seems that the one in the EmonScripts is the latest?

Thanks @promy interesting, so you can see a reference to the file in those locations but no file itself on the boot partition? You can certainly try adding a file called firstbootupdate on the boot partition, just an empty file.

I was wondering, what script is being called? the one in EmonScripts checks if the log of the file in boot exitst (and exits if it does). The other one starts with saying its the older version.
Can i just delete (or comment out) the older one in /emonpi?

What emonSD version do you have?

The update is called from /etc/rc.local, you could remove the entry there to be 100% sure

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Comment out or remove:

su pi -c '/opt/openenergymonitor/EmonScripts/update/firstbootupdate'

i think iā€™m running the 24Jul20 image.
I found the command you were referring to and commented it out
Thanks for the assist!

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