emonPi at 868MHz if possible

Wanting to use an emonPi shield at 868MHZ,
Present system as setup in 2015
emonGLCD v1.4 with SolarPV sketch
emonTx v2.2 for monitoring 7 temperatures
emonTx v2.2 20*4 LCD Power and temp display, plus reporting room temp X 2
emonTx v3.4 with emonTxV3_4_continuous_kwhtotals
Also one of Robin’s Mk2 routers, 5a sketch
Raspberry Pi + emonBase RFM69Pi X 2 Node 15 and 16
All at 868MHz

Recently purchase an emonPi shield + case and LCD display, NO RF
I was thinking I could add a 868MHz RF module, and just make the necessary changes in the sketch and emonHub, but it now looks more complex than that.

In emonpi-2.9.2>Atma328>firmware>firmware.ino I have found this:-
//----RFM12B / RFM69CW SETTINGS----
byte RF_freq=RF12_433MHZ;

and in emonpi-2.9.2>Atma328>firmware>rf.ino
case ‘b’: // set band: 4 = 433, 8 = 868, 9 = 915

Would the firmware.ino need editing to 868MHz, and the part in firmware>rf.ino would then be configured in a setup procedure?
Then emonHub would need to be edited?
If anyone could confirm or correct me it would be appreciated.

The hard part will be getting the 433MHz RFM off. If you can do that without damaging the pcb, then with the 868 one in place, just change emonhub.conf to set the frequency.

Thank-you @Robert.Wall , that’s excellent news.
The emonPi shield was supplied without RF.