emonPi and OOK


I am looking to get an emonPi and seen in the resource that these can be integrated with the Lightwaverf system wich I currently have installed.
I cannot seem to find where the OOK transmitter is in the shop.
Also, the resource guide is showing older version of the lightwaverf system and emonPi board.
Are these still available and can the emonPi still be integrated with Lightwaverf?
I have the linkplus v2.0 version and I would like to control power sockets and relays. Switching them on and off if they have reach a certain temperature and/or energy consumption.


Hi Welcome.

This was a shot lived experiment and I suspect it may have been discontinued.

Do you have a LightWave hub? If you do, I suggest emonCMS is not the tool for you. You would be better off with Home Assistant. Even if you do not have a hub, I suspect HA or Node-RED is still a better option.

Thanks Brian,

So I should be able to integrate emonCMS with Home Assistant and control the devices like this.
Did I get that right?

Thanks again for your input.


There is an emonCMS integration for HA which allows all of the emonCMS data feeds to be used in HA.

HA is the better tool for the actual automation (in most cases).