emonNOTIFY LCD display

Hello, I’ve designed and built a new display device for use with the emonHUB/PI.

It uses the emonTX hardware with a Nokia 5110 display to show the feed values from emonCMS. I’ve also designed a 3D printed case to hold it.

The code is on github to support this, along with the 3D model and Arduino code. I’m in the process of putting together instructions on how to build it.

Here’s a photo of the device showing a feed from emonCMS - including the units and label. The display rotates through specified feeds every few seconds (up to 10 difference feeds).

The 3D printed case is a prototype so a bit rough around the edges.


Fantastic development! I’ll look forward to your next post.


Just to add, the Arduino code and 3d model are here…

and emonhub needs to have a pull request to make it send the feed data out, which appears to now conflict with the newer version of emonhub