Emonlib Faster Sensing

Hello all!
I am working on Electricity Monitoring project which will monitor 3 sources 3-Phase AC (voltage only)
In the software it demands for 9 ADC pins and configurations. I am using Emonlib AC-AC adapter.
I need to create 9 EnergyMonitor instances

EnergyMonitor emon1;             // Create an instance
EnergyMonitor emon2;             
EnergyMonitor emon3;
EnergyMonitor emon4;
EnergyMonitor emon5;
EnergyMonitor emon6;
EnergyMonitor emon7;
EnergyMonitor emon8;
EnergyMonitor emon9;

The problem lies in this:

  emon1.calcVI(20,1000);         // Calculate all. No. of half wavelengths (crossings), time-out  

The higher the timeout the more stable and accurate the result is but with big disadvantage for one most needed feature. The most needed feature is that the system needs to migrate from one source to the another source without a human noticeable delay! If I only monitor the voltage without the transfer function I would say that everything is working perfectly.
The Results I got with timeout reduced to 50mS is also acceptable with me but still 50mS x9 is 450mS which is not acceptable for the transfer delay time! For now I am using only six instances (300mS) with Arduino Uno board how much more when I will use the complete nine instances (450mS)!
The final project will run on ATXMEGA128A3
Please I want to be advised if there is a way out. For example; can using an external A/D converter solve the is problem? Or is there another thing I can do in the library or something?