Emonhub timestamp query

I’m in the process of trying to track down missing data from EmonHub.

In doing so I am analysing the log and noticed that the emonhub sends the timestamp as UTC. Is this expected? Seems reasonable but does emoncms always expect the incoming timestamp, via the HTTP API as UTC and adjust accordingly?

Is that documented?

When using the data viewer of the feed, is the time at the bottom UTC or Local?

Hi Brian, yes all datapoint timestamps should be in UTC and emoncms does expect a UTC timestamp via the API’s. As a rule all data should be saved as UTC and only viewed in localtime, that way changes in localtime eg travel, daylight adjustment or just the current PC settings etc, will have no impact on the saved data.

Also note that emonhub will write it’s logfile using the local TZ if set but emoncms will always write it’s logfile in UTC (or at least it did last time I checked)

No idea, even if it is, I would have no idea where to look, sorry.

I assume it’s local time otherwise there would be an hour gap at the end (for us in BST)