EmonHub Installer

Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my own hosted emoncms on a PC not pi. I remember when setting this up the difficulty I had finding out how to install emonhub (emonPi version) and get it talking as I didn’t have a /home/pi folder.

I manually made changes to the files and it’s been flawless for around 18 months, however I am researching the upgrade now before going live.

In doing so I’ve looked at the install script in github and cloned it though and have made a few changes.

These seem to have worked on my debian dev box, so will be looking at installing on a pi tomorrow to see how that goes. Also possible my downloading the emonSD image (if there is one) and applying the updates to that to make sure it works.

Is this something the community would like pulling though on the official repo for emonHub?

If so is it just a pull request I open?

If it’s not of any use, not to worry, I enjoyed the challenge at my end anyway and learnt a lot from it, do its worth while either way :grinning:

Hi all,

I have made all of the relavent changes now, and tested on a debian system of my own. I currently have no virgin Ubuntu systems to test the installer and it working, so this i will leave for now.

I also have it setup so that it correctly sends things out from MQTT in the emonhub format
(emonhub/tx/17/values), which I now use to control my central heating

If any one is interested it is at GitHub - manicmoddin/emonhub: Python service linking and decoding input to MQTT & Emoncms

I will be making a few more changes to the Sources though (adding things and extending), so that I can control remote control sockets etc so watch this space…