EmonGLCD replacement

(Dafydd Monks) #1

Hello everyone, I’m new here (though have been running a classic arduino based EmonTX and EmonPi at home for three years now) so go easy on me.

Just before Christmas I saw the EmonGLCD in the shop and thought ‘Great, I’ll buy one after Christmas’. Now it’s been discontinued, I wondered if anyone had any ideas for an alternative or if anyone had made something similar using stock Arduino shields?

I find the idea of a simple standalone display really useful! I decline to have a ‘smart meter’ but would like a display sitting in my living room!

Any ideas?

(Robert Wall) #2

You could ask @glyn.hudson to publish the full B.o.M, then source all the components and have a p.c.b. made. :wink:

I don’t know the reason it’s been withdrawn, I suspect there are two main factors, the first is the cost of stocking and picking the parts to make up the kit, the second is it’s relatively easy to have a Raspberry Pi as an emonBase or an emonPi as you have, and use the mobile app or the desktop emonCMS to access a lot more data than the GLCD could ever display.

Another suggestion has been to pick up a second-hand Wi-Fi tablet to use in “kiosk mode” displaying emonCMS data.

(Dafydd Monks) #3

@Robert.Wall I had thought of that… I found the PCB in a github repo somewhere so could have a shot at it. I wondered if anyone had done it with stock arduino shields to save the embuggerence of assembling a custom PCB!

Makes sense re tablet etc… I guess I just like custom hardware more than most!

(Robert Wall) #4

Not that I can recollect - have you tried a search both here and the archived forum? (Search in the dark blue header does both.)

However, an Arduino and RFM module to receive from your emonTx, and a display that accepts serial input should be quite easy - but you would miss out on the icons.

(Trystan Lea) #5

The EmonGLCD was originally based on the GLCD by JeeLabs here, looks like they still have a kit
I agree the EmonGLCD was a nice board!

Inspiration from Masdar, using colored light to show energy stats
(Dafydd Monks) #6

@TrystanLea ah cool. This gives me something to work with. I’ll try getting one of those GLCD modules and try hacking something together!

(Dafydd Monks) #7

Something interesting just landed in my inbox this morning. I think I’m going to have a bit of a play with this as an emonGLCD replacement…