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EmonEVSE Wifi range/antenna

I am looking into purchasing an EmonEVSE, pre-assembled one and I have one question.
The charger will be on the outside of the house and wifi signal can be spotty there.
The wifi module inside looks like a nodemcu board from the photos online?
Can you connect an external wifi antenna to it? Or even replace it with a board that has the little antenna port if not?

Hi Silviu,

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, there are not any ESP modules with an antenna which are FCC / CE certified.

However, as a possible solution, we offer an Ethernet connectivity option. This is available as an option on the EmonEVSE product page:

Thank you for the swift reply.
Unfortunately I have no ethernet available at the location so I might need to get a wifi extender to improve the signal in that case.