EmonEVSE WiFi Connected EV Charging Station losing WiFi connection

Hi I have a EmonEVSE WiFi Connected EV Charging Station. It gets a good WiFi signal. The changer is great but I really want to use the remote control app but i am finding the connection keep freezing and I have to restart the WiFi router every few hours before I can reconnect to it. Does anyone have this problem or know of a solution. Thanks Pete

I have experienced various problems with ESP8266 and WiFi. It can be unreliable - what router do you have?

Hi Pete,

Sorry to hear your having issues, please could you provide us with some more info on your setup:

  1. EmonEVSE WiFi signal strength (RSSI) e.g

  1. OpenEVSE WiFi version number, see latest versions here: Releases · OpenEVSE/ESP8266_WiFi_v2.x · GitHub

  2. Make and model of your WiFi router