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EmonEVSE vs OpenEVSE (and RCD question)

Other than tethered vs type 2 connector, what is the difference between the EmonEVSE and the pre-assembled OpenEVSE?

I notice the shop has a “Type B RCD”, am I correct in assuming it is needed together with the EmonEVSE/OpenEVSE? Or is it? The “Required Extras” in the webshop doesn’t mention it?

Hi, as you mention the main difference between the EmonEVSE and OpenEVESE is the EV connector socket. Also, the EmonEVSE is sold pre-assembled, OLEV certified and available as a three-phase option. The OpenEVSE is sold as a DIY kit and single-phase only.

For UK installation a type-B RCD is required, this could be part of a O-PEN protection device. An EV charge point electrician will be able to choose to correct protection devices for your circumstances and complete the DNO notification. See the installation notes: