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EmonEVSE Solar PV divert

I have set up the charger to use live data from my CT on the mains which monitors +/- going into the grid and sends updates via mqtt every 10 seconds or so.

A few questions:

  1. The value in green above (after Grid Import/Export W value) what does it mean? It changes every 15 to 60 secs
  2. As I understand it from the settings above, the minimum charge time is set to 600 seconds (to reduce wear and tear) but in the status window I see the Amps value changing more often than 600 seconds. Is this normal or is this not obeying the 600 secs and causing extra wear and tear on the relays etc?
    I would expect to see a flat line for at least every 10 mins for the current below right?

Se above for my answers


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So for 2 I needn’t worry as that applies for a complete stop only and not variable charge rate during continuous solar PV (as it happened today with clear skies)