EmonEVSE not finding wifi

Hi all, I’ve just had an EmonEVSE installed and when I try to get it to connect to WiFi it just says “Scanning…” and doesn’t find any WiFi signals. I’ve tried adding the SSID and password for our router (located about 5m from the EVSE) and I’ve even had my phone sitting on top of it with the hotspot on.

I’ve had a look round the forum but can’t spot anything similar. Does anyone have any ideas for things I could try?

Hi Jamie,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. That sounds odd that the EVSE is not discovering a single network.

What’s the signal strength of your WiFi network where the EVSE is located? You mention the WiFi access point is only 5 meters away, but what obstacles are there in the path? Although aside from super thick stone walls there’s not much that can block WiiFi totally in 5m! It sound like there could be a hardware issue. The good news is the WiFi module is easy to unplug and swap out if needed.

Hi Glyn, thanks for that. It’s almost line of sight through the window, maybe some brick in the way but I get nearly full signal on my phone standing right by the EVSE. I also have it trying to connect to my phone hotspot standing right next to to it but no joy.

Good to hear I can fix it easily! What’s the best email address?

[email protected]

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I replaced the wifi board fine and it could see my home wifi network when I first accessed it. I tried to connect to the wifi and it gives me the “Connecting to XXX…” page and the wifi access point disappears but then I’m unable to access it via http://openevse-00d0.local or http://openevse-00d0/

I’ve done some reboots by holding the EVSE button for 10s and most times it just tells me “Scanning…” but it has found the wifi network again a couple of times.

Could it be an issue with my router maybe? :man_shrugging:

This sounds like it’s connected to your home network. Not all routers support local hostname lookup. You may need to access it via the IP address which is displayed on the LCD during the startup sequence.