Emonevse hostname

Why can not use the host name to access the emonevse.
The hostname i set to emnevse, if i type in browser (emonevse.local) i get a login window i set it but after i enter it redirect to ip, not use hostname and another login window.
I use fw.: 3.3.1 on ESP32 and openese fw.: 6.3.1.T2

The hostname should work, see example of using the default hostname to access the EmonEVSE. What device and browser are you using? Please post a screenshot.

I create a video what i seee.

I use macOS Catalina v 10.15.7, Safari or Firefox

It looks like macOS is re-directing the hostname request to the IP address. Local DNS lookups vary depending on OS, browser and your router. It looks like in this case the end result is that you get re-directed to the correct IP address. This does not look like a big problem.

I will try and test myself on macOS