EmonESP Wifi

I have an emonESP running 2.2.3 and want to update it to the latest version 3.0.0, the firmware upload button would not work so i removed the unit and tried to update via the serial port. i loaded the source into ArduinoIDE and flashed it ok. but now it shows up as smartplug7510 also on the system page it shows

I am also unable to upload the firmware from the webpage.

Hello @Pukka

At the top of src.ino the firmware checks if different environments are set, see: EmonESP/src.ino at master · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub This should with an ArduinoIDE default to “espwifi” so Im not sure why its coming up as smartplug…

You could try adding a #define ESPWIFI 1 perhaps at the top of src.ino… or try the platformio options?

Yes this feature is not working Im afraid.