Emonesp weird readings

(John) #1

Hi everyone,
i have succesfully have a working emontx shied with ethernet adapter and local emoncms server that is working perfect for over a year now, with everyones help from here of course.
I now wanted to go a step further and make the emontx shield work wireless and post to
I manged to connect my whole project to but i getting some weird inputs, see the attached images.
What i am doing wrong, whatshould i ckeck?
How can i attach some pictures???

(John) #2

Guys never mind found the solution!!! I had to define the debug port to serial1 and now everything seems to work perfect!!!
Thanks once more

(Robert Wall) #3

For next time: Drag & Drop, or use the “upload” icon, the one with the up-pointing arrow - hover your mouse to find it!

(John) #4

Thanks i 'll remember that!!! :slight_smile: