Emoncms v10.4 stable release

Changes to emoncms and associated modules made over the last 5 months have now been merged to stable and are available via emonPi/emonbase update.

Thankyou to everyone who contributed to development associated with this release and associated modules. :rocket: :tada:

To update: run emonPi/emonbase update from the Admin tab of emoncms.

Emoncms v10.4 stable release:
Release 10.4 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

  • http_x_forwarded_proto request header support thanks to @mikbund
  • Settings example for secure MQTT connection
  • API end point to request feed value at specified time
  • Fix for bug in zoom graph
  • Bug fixing thanks to @chaveiro
  • Fix for mysqlmemory engine
  • Fix for virtual feed zero value bug
  • Improvements to input list UI responsiveness
  • Register form bug fix for emails with special characters
  • Increased max power threshold in wh_accumulator process thank to @mr15
  • Emoncms CLI to improve Home Assistant integration thanks to @inverse
  • Emoncms emonSD installation component manager!

EmonScripts v1.2.0 stable release:
Release 1.2.0 · openenergymonitor/EmonScripts · GitHub

  • Support for emoncms component manager
  • Streamlined update scripts

Emoncms App module v2.2.7
Release 2.2.7 · emoncms/app · GitHub

  • Bug fixing
  • Improvements to the MySolarPVbattery app thanks to @iz4c
  • Improvements to the MySolarPVdivert app thanks to @FredM67

Emoncms Graph module v2.0.11
Release 2.0.11 · emoncms/graph · GitHub

  • Touch support fix thanks to @chaveiro
  • Fix for saved graphs name bug

Emoncms usefulscripts module v2.3.6
Octopus agile script support for skipping emoncms buffer

Emoncms backup module v2.2.7
Uses systemctl instead of service commands

Emoncms demandshaper module v2.1.3
Option to set OpenEVSE target SOC from emoncms input thanks to @dakaix

Emoncms postprocess module v2.1.5
Allow positive post process

Emoncms Config module v2.0.6
Emoncms Dashboard module v2.0.10
Emoncms Device module v2.0.9
Emoncms Setup module v1.0.1
Emoncms WiFi module v2.0.4
Emoncms sync module v2.0.6
OpenEnergyMonitor emonpi repo v2.9.4
OpenEnergyMonitor emonhub repo v2.2.6
OpenEnergyMonitor RFM2pi repo v1.4.1
Minor additions to module.json file to support emoncms component manager.

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To give a bit of information on what is coming next. The stable release above is partly to get everything in place ready for some more significant changes in the pipeline. Including:

I will post more detailed posts on each of these soon.


I upgraded just now on a lightly used emonPi. So far everything looks good, except that the inputs view is blank. The inputs are there and are feeding the, err, feeds correctly. I can graph data for the last hour without interruption and the feeds data shows last updated within the last minute for everything.

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Hello @zag sounds like a browser cache issue, could you try doing a full page reload on the inputs page? What browser are you using? Can you see if there are any errors showing in your browser console?
(Firefox > application menu > Web developer > browser console)

Yep, it was the browser. I did a full page reload and it came up fine. I had a look in the console and I didn’t see anything from this page before or after loading.

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Update worked great for me!

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I’ve tried ver 10.4 on a test RPi and was attracted to the new feature:

API end point to request feed value at specified time

However, I cannot get it to work – for example browsing to …

I get …

message : “request end time before start time”

And however much I play with the start, end and interval times, the same error is reported.

But exporting csv data works fine – for example browsing to …

(ie: start and end just 1 sec apart)

… gives the value at 1621630716 which is outside the start/end range but the closest.

My laptop gives me the option to open the csv file or save it.

So the next challenge is how to issue that browse command in PYTHON and save the answer for later use in a script.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Hello @johnbanks sorry I need to add this to the documentation!

Could you try:

I’ve added this to the API docs in the master branch, will work it’s way through to stable soon.

Thank you – it works and is pretty cool.

And it finds a close by value if there is not a value at the exact specified time.

As far as I can make out (using phptimeseries) – it finds the nearest PRIOR time with a feed value UNLESS the specified time is less than 5 secs before the FOLLOWING time with a feed value.

That’s a bit of a mouthful … so an example …

Time=1600775170, Actual Value=85, FOUND Value=85

Time=1600775180 Actual Value=null, FOUND Value=85

Time=1600775190 Actual Value=null, FOUND Value=85

Time=1600775195 ~~~~~~~~~, FOUND Value=85

Time=1600775196 ~~~~~~~~~, FOUND Value=84

Time=1600775200 Actual Value=84, FOUND Value=84

Thx again

Formatted text - Moderator

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I’m running emon ver 10.4 and trying to get feed values between two times.

If I browse from my laptop to:

I get an empty json - Raw Data is [ ]
(The URL with port number is because I’m working remotely)

However if I try to get the specific value at either of these times, it works OK:
or ...

And Data Viewer shows there to be plenty of datapoints between these two times.

I’m using phptimeseries … and I’ve tried different intervals in the call

Can you help, please?


I’ve stumbled across the answer - it’s necessary to express the UNIX times in milliseconds !

However that is inconsistent with the case when just seeking a single value.

And I found no reference to milliseconds on the Feed API Help page.
The only example on the page with an actual time (Insert multiple data points) shows UNIX time in secs


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We are running V10.4 and have a dashbaord running in chrome after a few hours on the screen we a error with only the option to reload. the old version of Emoncms was ok

Hello @Pukka do you know what version you where running before the update or roughly how long ago that you last updated? Im not aware of significant changes that should affect this. There was a series of threads on similar issues last year but I think they were resolved Long term, always on Emoncms dashboard stability testing

Hi @TrystanLea I have always kept the build upto date. so it would been 10.3?

Hello @Pukka do any of the suggestions here help I wonder? What causes the "Aw, Snap! STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error in Google Chrome | Our Code World

Could you share a screenshot of your dashboard so that I can get an idea of the widgets/graphs that you are using?

Do you see any errors posted in your browsers developer console window?