Emoncms user account

Hello. How to create local emoncms user account if there’s only login option?

Hello @a.kiseliov ,

I may be wrong but I believe that only one admin user account is created by default for local emoncms, perhaps someone more knowlegable will correct me if I’m mistaken. However, it looks like a local user account has already been created in your case. The default login username and password can be found here: Connect Guide. This page also discusses how to create additional local users by editing /var/www/emoncms/settings.php However, I have not tried this myself.

Good luck

Is this a new device/installation?

Yes its new device

Is it an EmonPi, EmonBase or a self install/EmonSD?

That screen only appears once the first user has been created so either it has been used before or you have registered a user previously.

@Neil, that password is for the EmonPi WiFi AP. There is also the default password if you SSH in but neither of those relate to the user account which does not exist on a fresh install / new device.

Thanks for the clear explanation @borpin, I remember the one-time screen appearing but I only ever performed an installation once.

Have a good one…

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