Emoncms update problem - dashboard widgets gone missing

I updated my standard emoncms version recently (emonpi + 3x EmonTx V3) using the web interface “emoncms update” button . It now reads as “low-write 9.8.31 | 2018.06.21”.

If I interpret the log correctly, it says that the update went OK
Only the graphs are appearing on my dashboards, the feed values and the dials are missing and when I try and edit them back in, they do not appear to be available any more.

Otherwise the system seems to be working normally.

I’m not at all sure how to start looking for the solution to this problem, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked the public/private feed settings? Perhaps toggle them back and forth one time to reset the public/private permission on the feed.

Thanks for the help.
I toggled all the feeds back and forth public/private - no change.

Maybe I should clarify one point. When I try and edit the dashboard, there are no options to add a feed value or a dial to the dashboard. In fact there are no options to add items and I cannot select an item - even a graph or label that is already there.

Can you try clearing your browser cache, using a different browser or even an incognito browser, and try again.


Thanks for the help
Used both firefox and Microsoft Edge on windows and chrome on android - no difference

Maybe a history would help…

What was the original image?
Installed any other modules or anything else alongside?
Expanded the data partition before update?

Sounds like having to remake the dials etc. might be the case, assuming that works.

Just to be absolutely 100% sure could you open up a Firefox ‘Private Browser’ window (Ctrl + Shift + P), as that doesn’t cache temporary files.
If they still don’t show, please then press F12 to see the browser console, and see if any errors are being reported.


None of the above worked, I’m afraid

I’ve resolved the problem by doing a backup, reinitialising the system from a downloaded sdcard image and then doing a restore.

Thanks for the help.

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