Emoncms, store data in mysql ! possible!?


How i can to store my EMONCMS data in Mysql?

As you see, I always have just the latest value that changes in my database. But I want to store all the values in MySQL.

Thank you for your help.

yes it is possible if you are not running a low-write version.

Take a look in your settings.php and ensure the mysql line is commented out, it works the oposite way to what you expect, this list is to HIDE unused feed engines

Then you will need to select mysql as the feed type when you create a new feed.

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Thank you, it’s working.

I would be interested to know what hardware you are running EMONCMS on.

I have found the file sizes are about 5 times larger.

I am currently running EMONCMS on an old AUS SD701 netbook with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of SSD. I have 21 feeds, most updating at 1 minute intervals. I have been thinking about running this on a RPi 3B+ with a small SSD.

Not only that, but the retrieval time is significantly longer with MySQL vice the other data formats.
Especially when viewing more than a couple of months of data.

That was one of the reasons the alternate storage formats were devloped.

I run the EMONCMS in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 8Gb of RAM and 500GB in HARD DISK,