EmonCMS show data was updated "-3589s ahead" ago?

After a drop in the internet connection followed by a disconnected network cable, I’m getting an an odd updated “-3589s ahead” appearing on the inputs on my emoncms.org page.
Having checked the time on the Pi is correct & searched though other posts who had this issue, it looks like @TrystanLea is my only hope… :slight_smile:

The graphs are correct, but show an hour behind if you click Day, but oddly I can scroll forward and there is more data there. The weather station data also has the same problem, but is posted from a different server which wasn’t disconnected.

Hello @Vster, should be sorted for you now.

Yay Perfect! All working great again.
Many thanks Trystan.

Hi @TrystanLea i seem to be getting the same problem as of this morning, currently showing -29899s ahead on emoncms.org for all my nodes. Something i can do to fix or are you able to help?

Update: Now fixed… Thank you if it was something you did?