Emoncms.org virtual feed issue

I’m adding my local emoncms monitored heat pump to heatpumpmonitor.org.
I synced the local feeds to emoncms.org. That works, except I have a virtual feed that sums 3 values to give me total watts used. I setup this virtual feed that works perfectly on my local instance, but gives N/A value on emoncms.org … however the graph visualisation for it works and shows all data.
Any ideas ?

data from the graph visualisation for that virtual feed (current time is 20:17)

2024-05-14 19:00:00, 18.0
2024-05-14 19:15:00, 17.0
2024-05-14 19:30:00, 18.0
2024-05-14 19:45:00, 17.0
2024-05-14 20:00:00, 18.0
2024-05-14 20:15:00, null
2024-05-14 20:30:00, null

I’m guessing that the feeds are synced periodically, and so the emoncms is a little behind. Therefore the virtual feed doesn’t have data for right now.

How big a problem is this if the graph is showing the right values?

I’ve just realised it doesn’t seem to be a problem. ’ I noticed it on the heatpump app, the values across the top of the graph (which I now realise are ‘live’ values), Electric was showing as a ‘-’, other values seemed to be valid.

Oddly now, straight after a data sync, Electric shows as 0, but the virtual feed still says NULL.

After a while the live data across the top disappears (correctly I believe).

Now I understand it better, I see the heatpump app graphs are correctly using the virtual feed values, so I’m all good, its just the instantaneous data is not updated (which is to be expected given its synced daily and not getting data from a live feed)

Thanks for your reply, I think I’m all good now.

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