Emoncms.org Uncaught exception in Redis

Hello All,
Using python on a Pi I am posting to emoncms.org and every so often (10-20 times a day) I get the following 200 OK message back from emoncms.org.

200 OK b"\nFatal error: Uncaught exception ‘RedisException’ with message ‘Redis server went away’ in /var/www/emoncms/index.php:25\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/emoncms/index.php(25): Redis->incr(‘fiveseconds:tot…’)\n#1 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/emoncms/index.php on line 25\n"

The post is pretty standard.

It also seems to happen when I am reading a value. i.e. i am expecting a number and I get this huge string back!
Does anyone else get this behaviour and/or any suggestions to why?

Thanks, Will

Anyone else getting this issue? Could it be because I am reading too often?

I have the same. All day long today.

Hi Sergii,
How often are you posting data to emoncms.org? I have 2 arduino’s posting data every 5 seconds.
Perhaps it’s a limit imposed by emoncms.org to reduce to many queries on the database?

There is a limit of once every 10 s at emoncms.org, so that everyone gets their share of the resource. There is no limit for your own copy of emoncms running on your own server.

Well there you go. I just did a search on 10 seconds and emoncms and found the rate limit here. http://emoncms.org/site/usage Thanks Robert. Looks like I’ll spin up my own instance.

5 emonth nodes posting data every 60 sec over one local emoncms instance.
@will @Robert.Wall Do I need to do some adjustments?

Do you mean that, or do you mean emonHub? Either way, the answer is above.

I meant Raspberry pi with emonemonSD-pre-built-SD-card.

Sorry your answer is not clear. I’m using default values if they are braking emocms.org I assume they have to be adjusted, no?

emoncms.org and your local emoncms are different. The throttle applies only to emoncms.org. A server under your control, e.g your RPi, is not restricted to a 10 s interval between each block of data.

I think there may some confusion in the air, @ksmster although you are using a local instance of the SD card and/or emoncms, you appear to be posting to emoncms.org (your screenshot above, with the 4 red error banners shows a emoncms.org url).

That being said it is very unlikely that 5 emonTH’s @ 60secs will have any problem, the limit (AFAIK) is per input, each emonTH is a separate input so 60secs each is a long way off the 10s limit.

@will, 5secs per Arduino you will be hitting the limit. However I believe it is the request rate that is monitored not the sample rate or timestamps, so if you were using emonhub with a min post interval of 10secs it would deliver your 5sec samples, using a single request in batches of 2 every 10s. So you could retain granularity, without hitting the limit, since most emoncms pages are refreshed on 10s intervals, you may not even notice the change from 5s to 10s updates.

ah yes, Thanks Paul. I will try that.