Emoncms.org too many connections

Ok, I thought I recorded the exact error, but apparently not. A few weeks ago when I added one more temperature sensor to my Emoncms.org account I received a too many connections type error. I have done some searching, but found no similar reports.

What is the maximum acceptable number of inputs and logging rate for Emoncms.org?
I currently have:
5 inputs updating at 10 second intervals
17 inputs updating at 1 minute intervals

In the short term I would like to add at least another 5 inputs updating at 1 minute intervals.

I have been wanting to move all my EMONCMS stype data across to a local server, so I am no longer placing a load on the community server. However, I have kept delaying this process as I am running an old version of Emoncms locally and I believe also old firmware on my EmonTX V3. This isn’t a simple project to move over.

You can have up to 32 nodes, I do not think there is any limit on the number of inputs per node, so essentially there is no limit to the overall number of inputs.

Each input is limited to a minimum update interval of 5secs.

The shortest available fixed interval (phpfina) feed is 10secs so a faster posting rate is pointless, but there is a filter at 5secs per each input (not per node), any updates less than 5secs since the last valid update will be ignored, that counter works from each allowed update so (for example) posting every 1sec will allow every 5th update through, it will not block indefinitely because of the repeated 1s attempts.

Please try and catch a screenshot if the error reoccurs, looking at the info you have provided, you are no where near hitting any limits, even after your planned expansion.

Also tell us more about how the data arrives to emoncms, are you using emonhub, emonESP or a script of your own? Which input API is being used?

Thanks for your help Paul.

The issue had occurred when using one of my own scripts, that is most likely the cause of the problem.

The target interval had been probably been once every 10 seconds during testing.

I have in the last few days moved to using ESP Easy for all new projects and will progressively move most of the old ones to this platform/firmware. These have been successfully sending data to emoncms.org

Using ESP Easy does result in some loss of flexibility, particularly with naming conventions with EMONCMS. However, the ease of use and speed of deployment makes up for this.