Emoncms.org server updates

Hello All, I’m currently running a series of updates on the emoncms.org server’s. part 1 is complete and everything is back online and appears to be running fine. There will be a longer period of downtime tomorrow morning starting around 8:30am (GMT) as the process is completed on the main server.

I will also be updating the storage server’s. As each server is updated there will be a period of time where the data stored for that storage server is not available affecting a segment of accounts but not all, data waiting to be written will be queued but the data wont be accessible in the graphs for a short time.

If you notice anything amiss please let me know.


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Hi Trystan, thanks - glad to hear this is planned and not something weird going on my end - first time in a while I’ve had to refer back here to check! Any idea how long the downtime will be? Thanks

Hello Umesh, it should be another 5-10 minutes


The server is back online ok but Im having a bit of trouble with the input queue’s processing in a timely fashion which may show up as inputs updating a couple of minutes behind time. I will update when fully cleared.

Thanks, seems to be up again at the front end - a bit of data missing from 8.40-9.40 everything either side seems to have updated :+1:

All input queue’s are now clear, feeds should all be updating without appearing to be a couple of minutes behind time.


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Hi Trystan

I’m new user of Emoncms (username: canadian31 in France).
I’m using AICC software ( Inverter monitoring software edited by Jaco Fourie aicc.org.za/)

Is it possible to enhance data feeds update ?
Sometimes it’s more than 1 minute to refresh data feeds… I stopped my firewall but it does not have a positive impact !
As you can see on my screenshot below, for all of my realtime data, I’m using PHPFina feed engine and selected interval is 10 seconds.

Any suggestion is welcome
Many thanks


Hello Philippe

There seems to be an issue affecting emoncms.org today. It is being particularly unresponsive. Im investigating.


Hi Trystan, I do confirm I noticed a slow down in emoncms.org in the latest days/weeks.

I’ve noticed slow response times for a while too.

I am facing delays in feeds update - some of them are 15 minutes late but some of them are 5 hours late.
Everything is very slow.

Off-line for maintenance now :weary:

Hello All

Some good news!
Everything is back up and all metrics are looking good.

For those interested in the technical it turns out, after much digging, that the problem was the /proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_max setting. Which has now been increased.

Sorry for the slow down.


I do confirm !!! Thanks.

Yes, everything is O.K. now. Thank you a lot.

Hello again Trystan

Thank you very much for your quick intervention!
Data feeds refresh every 20 seconds.
It’s just perfect !

All ok here too. Thanks.

Hi Trystan,

Data feeds failed again…70 min without update…:cry:

Many Thanks

Hello Philippe, I think the issue might be on your side rather than emoncms.org, everything looks normal at this end.


Sorry everythings is ok on emoncms… my Windows session was lagging…