Emoncms.org queue issue?

Inputs etc appears to be behind time with increasing delay.
FYI @TrystanLea

I’m seeing the same issue. My feeds are updating correctly, but the data is showing at 18-20 minutes old.

Just read this thread and checked my inputs. Sure enough my EmonTX feed is showing last updated 6 mins ago. Main dashboard appears to be behind as well, putting the kettle shows no extra usage/import, but the gauges are moving around.

It seems to have caught up again. I wonder what causes this sort of delay. @TrystanLea

Yes, the queue is normal again. @TrystanLea.

Hi Guys, I,m getting the slow data update issue again, was 11 minutes, now 18, so is increasing rather than decreasing, regards VB.

Same here… seems to be consistent at 18min now

Thanks @Vicbitter57 @gregd72002. Queues are back to normal now.


No worries mate :+1: