Emoncms.org not updating readings

Hi All

All my inputs to emoncms.org are marked as ‘inactive’ But I’ve not made any changes to anything.

My local emonpi server is working fine, any suggestions

It looks like your end - it’s updating for me.

Have you tried a restart of your router?

Yes, have restarted router but no change

Problem resolved by rebooting emonpi! Why did emonpi local server still work OK; it was only emoncms.org I had the problem with?

Most likely because there is currently an apparent issue with the emoncms http interfacer in emonhub crashing out. If it occurs again check the emonhub log for errors and/or an absence of data processed to emoncms.org.

Edit - see the EmonHub stops sending data to Emoncms.org thread for more info.

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